Audition Information & Submission

Wind Instruments (Woodwinds/Brass)

Audition requirements: For the 2018 MUMB season, all members are required to submit an audition video. Performers should download the appropriate music for their instrument (below), record a video of their performance, and provide the video link by submitting the form below.

Audition music: Audition music for all wind instruments can be found here.

Audition submission: Complete this form to submit your audition video.

Audition deadline: July 20, 2018


Date/Time: TBD
Contact: Tim Coady


Date/Time: TBD
Audition requirements: 
Incoming students are asked to record a one minute dance video that demonstrates a "jazzy-pom-hip hop" style while incorporating the following technical requirements:

  • Kickline
  • Splits
  • Double Pirouette
  • Triple Pirouette (if possible)
  • Leaps
  • Axels
  • Stamina
  • Facials
  • Flexibility

The video should be send to Results will be announced in early August.
ContactShakerette Captains

Feature Twirlers

Date/Time: Sunday, April 15, 12:00pm
Location: Millett Hall Auxiliary Gym, 500 E Sycamore Street, Oxford, OH 45056
Audition requirements: Please prepare a 2-3 minute solo routine to the music of your choice consisting of one, two, and three baton skills. You will learn the Miami University fight song, and perform your solo routine for our judges.
Contact: Megan Harmon.


Audition requirements


Pit/Front-line Ensemble

  • Mallets(click to access audition music)
    • 67: Play as written, with audible metronome
    • BPM12: Play the Vibraphone part from letter A-C, with audible metronome
  • Guitar, bass, synth, or drum set
    • Contact Alex McIntosh (information below)